Fun of Jesus

March 12, 2017 6:44 pm

Jesus is a young person. When he was killed he was just thirty-three years old. His revolution was that of a young person. Thus, to understand the revolution of Jesus it is indispensable to have a young heart. If a person at the end of her/his life could sincerely say that she/he has accomplished her/his obligations and duties towards society, such is a very flamboyant person-a witty, amusing and scintillating person.

‘It is finished’ said Jesus on the cross. It means that he accomplished his mission. Is it possible for the majority of youth in modern society today to say wholeheartedly the same with regard to their commitments, obligations and responsibilities? If everybody at the end of the day could say that she/he has accomplished her/his mission to the best of her/his ability-is a happy person. The words fun and joy are used in radically different ways today. People are more inclined to think that they got to do something extra ordinary to get some fun. This seems to imply that there is no fun in carrying out ordinary activities of life. Isn’t this a complicated issue?

As Christian youth we need to inquire into how Jesus searched fun, ‘inner joy on the cross’. How can we own this experience? The holy Bible speaks of inner happiness thus: ‘Blessed is he whose conscience hath not condemned him, and who is not fallen from his hope in the Lord’. It is conspicuous that Jesus on the cross experienced the blessed joy of the aforementioned biblical truth. Jesus died on the cross exhibiting hopefulness and freedom.

It is crystal clear that Jesus’ life was full of joy and happiness. In spite of his chosen twelve deserting him, earmarked successor vehemently denying him, treasurer betraying him for thirty pieces of silver and his handpicked three sleeping gloriously at Gethsemane-Jesus’ unwavering determination to remain faithful to his mission propelled from his inner joy-the inner joy on the cross.

One cannot physically experience the inner joy on the cross. It is an inner and profound spiritual joy. It cannot be experienced by throwing a party with distilled beverages and snacks. That inner joy is not the result of gaining something. It is not experienced when one is inundated with appreciation, praises and accolades instead when one is unjustly confronted with insult, abuse and disgrace. It is felt when one is unfairly criticised, denunciated, stripped naked and crowned with thorns and never when one is overabundant with pleasure, elegantly dressed and kingly enthroned.  It has been scientifically proved that inner joy is experienced when one lives with a good purpose. Therefore, the idea of inner joy is not a religious fiction but a scientific truth.

As Christian youth do you search for the inner joy on the cross? Do you love it? Are you yearning to experience it? The season of Lent invites you to own the inner joy on the cross. You are gently invited to share your experiences and reflections about the inner joy on the cross with us.


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