1. To collect information about activities in the country rooted in Christian vision of liberation

2. To share the experiences and struggles of organizations and individuals committed to the process of liberation

3. To facilitate a network among progressives of diverse languages, locations, churches, denominations and organizations.

4. To encourage those who testify to the Christian process of liberation and coordinate their testimonies.

5. To introduce to Sri Lankan readers internationally recognized persons, Publications and Journals that promote the vision of liberation in the Scriptures

6. To share daily reflections on the word of God

7. To facilitate inter-religious dialogue in liberation perspective and promote collaboration


To continue our prophetic mission as a teacher, communicator and protester with the hope of establishing freedom and transforming our world into a loving society based on liberation spirituality.


Diverse Charismata but One Dream: Yes, we can build a loving world

Best Wishes

I am pleased to accept your invitation to write a few words on the occasion of launching the website “Jesus Today”. I congratulate the “Jesus Today”. Group on the splendid initiative. The website, I believe, comes at a critical time as a fraternal voice to engage with the actions required for transformation. The website, in short, will provide a space to help sharpen understandings and analysis and to facilitate meaningful practice of Christianity through open exchange as it ought to be lived in Sri Lanka today. Today we are unable to look at our world without seeing the tremendous and growing contributions of the Global South. Geopolitics, economics, education, sports, fashion - not a day goes by without touches and influences from the Majority World. We are truly living in a global age. This is especially true in the Church. For some time now, we have heard and felt the increasing influence of the Global South. No longer are the voices of the Global South in the periphery. They are the very centre of the world in which we live today. We must integrate and incorporate the voices, thoughts, and ways of the Global South. Moreover, we must not only encourage these voices, we must listen as well. In Sri Lanka, however, the voice that emerges from the periphery of the Church is not only ignored but even marginalized by those at the Centre of the Church. Indeed, there is fear, suspicion and sarcasm of those voices emerging from the periphery. The contextual living of Christianity, the socio-economic and political hardships, the struggles of ordinary women hardly concerns the Christian media except Church feasts and liturgies.The Catholic media whether it is the Catholic weekly, Radio or Television are especially numb to the concerns of the ordinary women as Pope Francis would note has fallen into the inhumanness of ‘Globalized indifference”. The existing Christian media contains pious devotional and sometimes myths, which are misleading. “Jesus Today”. message is simple but a prophetic call for justice and truth-telling: dream more, learn more, care more, read more and “truth will make us free”. The launch of a new website to represent the voice of marginalized and the periphery is an opportunity that will allow especially the women for their voices to be heard.Therefore, it is apt to say that creation of this website is timely and should receive our utmost support. As Pope Francis notes, "the means of communication are the builders of a society. In and of themselves, they are made to build, to interchange, to fraternize, to make us think, to educate”; "Let everyone speak the truth with his neighbour, for we are members one of another" (Ephesians 4:25). I hope the new website will seek to help reinvigorate liberation praxis of Christianity in Sri Lanka, and to involve new communities and people, especially of women to challenge and sharpen how they see and understand the whole Church, the whole gospel, and the whole world: I would like a Church which is poor and for the poor! (Pope Francis). The Lord will bless immensely!

Sr. Noel Christine Fernando

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