Let us Wake up to the Fiery

March 19, 2017 2:08 pm

Let us Wake up to the Fiery Prophet

 Roy SJ
 In our Island of Misery and Anxiety
We Christians are Vacant of Dreams.
In the Island of Port-City and Mega Polis
Churches are empty of thoughts.
In our Diocese of Mega-Powers and Super-Politics
Laity are dim of elegance and grace.
In our Congregations of endless Visions and infinite Missions
Communities are full of Gypsies and Gossips,
In the midst of these undying embers,
‘Christians’ stands still in silence and Cold.
Some do ‘Stand’ for Justice and Peace
But most turn their Cheek, thinking them cheap.
Life in this ‘local Church’ is full of ‘Liturgy’ and ‘Party’
Bishops and Clerics for their Fame.
How is this Church so numb?
How these Parishes are plumb?
How these Religious are dumb?
Liturgies are neatly controlled,
People are hardly enthralled.
Vestments are full of draperies,
Pulpits are gone into tapestries.
We feel in Silence the House in Pain,
We feel in Silence the Church gone taint,
We feel in Silence the Religious gone vain
We feel in Silence the Country gone Chinese.
Let us turn to the Prophet,
Let us turn to Francis our Pope
Let us turn to him at once.
From him we learn, the spirit of Daring and Hope
From him we learn, the Speech of Boldness and Courage – then
From these Dying embers of Christian Living:
Let us wake up the Fiery Prophet. 

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